Going to the Grean

Going to the Grean

Experience one of the oldest Weinviertel customs in the wine town of Poysdorf:
Going to the Grean is UNESCO certified and is based on the traditional and biblical  „Emmausgang“, which takes place on Easter Monday.
According to Weinviertel custom, the winegrowers go (went??) on this day with their harvest helpers on a walk in the vineyards to thank you for the harvest and to taste the new vintage.

This package includes:
• Tractor ride from the winery to the vineyard
• Tasting in the vineyard
• Guided vineyard hike and Walk back to the winery
•Guided tour of the farm with further tasting followed by a tasting. Snack

Duration: approx. 3 hours
Price: € 45,00 / person
Meeting point: 2 p.m., at the respective winery

This offer can traditionally be booked between Easter and Pentecost on the following fixed dates:

Sunday, 09.04.2023 – Weingut Neustifter, Am Golfplatz 3
Saturday, 15.04.2023 – Weingut Ebinger,
Brunngasse 161
Saturday, 22.04.2023 – Genießerhof Haimer, Körnergasse 14
Saturday, 29.04.2023 – Weingut Heger-Schuckert Simone, Brunngasse 71 
Saturday, 06.05.2023 – Weingut Hugl-Wimmer,
Keller am Heumarkt 39
Saturday, 13.05.2023 – Weingut Hauser, Brunngasse 38
Friday, 19.05.2023 – Weingut Riegelhofer,
Hindenburgstraße 10
Saturday, 20.05.2023 – Bioweingut Oppenauer, Hindenburgstraße 37

Full payment of the booking will be made when the appointment is booked. You will immediately receive a confirmation from us including an invoice and ask for the outstanding amount to be transferred.

Implementation only from 6 people. You will be informed by us in good time and can cancel free of charge or rebook to another date. Groups of 6 or more people can book an appointment at any time by appointment, subject to availability.