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We look forward to your request and will be glad to provide your tailor-made offer!

  • Quoted rates are valid from 20 persons onwards, each 21st person is free
  • Minimum rates for small groups on request
  • Free entry for driver and tour guide
  • Guided tours out of opening hours on request
  • The WEIN+TRAUBEN Welt area has barrier-free access
  • Bus parking available – bus stop directly in front of Vino Versum
  • Grape juice as alternative to wine samples: grape juice
  • Culinary delights: group menus in the surrounding restaurants or tavern reservations are organized upon request
  • Package offers with our touristic partners upon request

Guided tour ‐ discover the universe of grapes, wine and viticulture

Discover the myth of grapes during a guided tour at the hall of grapes (duration approx. 1.5 hours), stroll through an old underground corridor leading to the baroque public hospital, dating back to the 17th century, and make an interactive trip through the history of the town. The idyllic open-air area with wine press houses and wine cellars gives insights of the work of wine growers from the past. The development of wine making is shown in the unique wine press museum.

The tour ends with a sample of grape juice or wine at the wine market.

inkluded: entry and guided tour in the WEIN+TRAUBEN Welt (about 90 min.), wine or grape juice sample
Price: € 11.- per person
Price foreign language (english, czech): € 13.- per person

guided cellar lane tour

A tour with your personal cellar lane guide through the so-called ‚villages without chimneys‘ allows a glimpse behind the heavy wooden doors.
Duration: 90 min. incl. 2 wine samples
Price: € 11,- per person
Price foreign language (english, czech): € 13,- per person

cellar lanes at night

At night, the old wine cellars are especially mysterious. Walk around the magical cellar lanes with a lantern and stop for a piece of nut bread and a glass of good wine by candlelight.

duration 2 hours
price: € 13.50 per person
foreign language (english, czech): € 15.50 per person

WINE BOTTLE BOWLING on a nostalgic wooden bowling alley

At WEIN+TRAUBEN Welt bowling is still played on a 300 years old natural wooden nine-pin bowling alley. The winner is nominated at the end of the tournament.

Inkluded: entry to the WEIN+TRAUBEN Welt, bowling tournament (Duration: 120 min.) incl. wine sample

tractor tour

High up on a historic fire brigade trailer your tractor guide drives you at comfortable speed to pittoresque places and buildings around the wine town.
Duration: 90 min. incl. 1 wine sample
price: € 12,- per person
Price foreign language (english, czech): € 14,- per person


Learn everything about that certain sparkling during a guided tour through the former monastery cellar and admire the world’s biggest champagne glass.
Duration: 120 Min. incl. a glass of sparkling wine
Price: € 9,- per person


Guided tour through a renowned modern wine estate with interesting insights into wine production and modern viticulture.
Duration: 120 min. incl. 5 wine samples and bread
price: € 11.00 per person


The Taubenschuss family presents artwork and artful ideas in cellaring at their award winning wine estate and cellars.
Duration: 120 min. incl. 5 wine samples and bread
Price: € 11,00 per person

Bee trail

On large and small display boards, honey fans and bee lovers can learn everything about this insect, which is so important for humans. The highlight of the Bee Trail is a show beehive, where you can watch the bees fly up close through an old Weinviertel box window. In the Guide Sklenar showroom, you can admire original beekeeping tools from the world-famous queen bee breeder.

Duration: approx. 60 minutes
Price: € 2,50 per person