School programme TRAUBE AKTIV for elementary schools, special needs schools and high schools

(Dauer ca. 45 Min.)
Poysdorf ist die Stadt der Traube.

  • Traubensorten kennenlernen – während der Erntezeit auch verkosten
  • Doppeladler & Kundschafter entdecken
  • Indoor-Traubenspielplatz
  • Kellerröhre und Eiskeller
  • Weingartenhütte/Weingarten

Im Anschluss stehen 3 Workshops zur Auswahl (Dauer jeweils ca. 45 Min.):

Presshaus und Lehm?
Loambatzeln (Mitbringsel basteln)

Weingarten und Holz?
Werken mit Holz/“Mura“ (=Rebstock)

Geschicklichkeitsspiele rund um die Traube

Gesamtdauer: ca. 90 Minuten
Kosten Führung: € 5,00 pro Kind
Kosten Führung & ein Workshop: € 7,00 pro Kind
zusätzlicher Workshop: € 3,00 pro Kind

Die Programme werden altersgerecht und saisonal aufbereitet.

School programme HISTORY & FUN for elementary schools, special needs schools and high schools

„Hands On“:  FOSSILES
From Jurassic Age to ancient Danube and Ice Age: fossiles from these eras are explained and can be touched. Oysters, fish teeth, bones and teeth of primaeval elephants and mammoths are shown.

From Stone Age, Bronze Age, Celts and Romans to Marcomanni and Huns. Questions about forgotten knowledge and lost know-how are asked here: ‘what is a Swedish bomb?’ or ‘what is the weight of a cannon ball’? From a stone axe to Roman coins, everything can be touched and experienced hands-on.

Presentation of the unique treasures of Poysdorf. Many objects from the Stone Age to the present can be admired at the exhibition. A short guided tour makes history interesting and exciting.

An interactive trip through 150 million years with a time machine is an exciting experience for children of all ages. Hunting with crossbows and bows shows how difficult it was to cull animals, but makes a lot of fun, too.

Bottle skittling on a historic bowling alley is offered alternatively.

All programmes are adapted to the age of the children.

Duration:    90 min.
Price:    € 5,00 pro child


Tractor cruises
High up on a historic fire brigade trailer a tractor guide drives at comfortable speed to pittoresque places and buildings around the wine town. This tour is always great fun.
Duration:     90 min.
Price:     € 3.50 per child

Children conquer the cellar lane/
Cellar Lane Experience
The kids may take a look behind the heavy wooden doors of the so-called ‘village without chimneys’ during a tour with the cellar lane guide. They learn details from the work of wine growers at present and in the past and will discover the Radyweg show cellars.
Duration:     90 min.
Price:     € 3.00 per child

Grape Olympics
The participants can demonstrate their skills in several activity games relating to grapes: grape shooting, grape juice fishing, wine bottle bowling and much more.
Duration:     90 min.
Price:     € 5.00 per child
including a sample of grape juice

Bicycle and helmet rental as well as hikes through the vineyards on request (duration: 90 minutes, price:€ 3 per child)


History workshop on Fossiles & Archaeology
Visit of the exhibition “From dinosaurs to Saurüssel” at the adjacent adventure cellar.

Who lives in the cellar labyrinth?
Many hidden treasures from the prehistoric ocean up to the Ice Age are shown here and can be touched: stone axes, knives and bones, Turkish cannon balls, muzzle-loaders from the time of Napoleon, steel helmets from World War II. Fossiles, mussels and crock fragments can be searched and may be taken home.

Duration:          90 Min.
Price:         € 5,00 per child

Workshop „In die Grean geh‘n“ (going to the vineyard)

Experience hollow-ways, discover the plants, herbs and animals at the vineyards and explore the oldest archaeologic site in Poysdorf.

Duration:          90 Min.
Price:         € 5,00 per child

History4U – Gottfried Erger
Tel. +43 688 8146040